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“Bringing the soul

back to the

business world”


What is the soul?

An abstract entity that has been considered as the immaterial part that is part of the human being along with the body or material part.
“It is attributed the ability to feel and think.”


” “Supreme happiness

Bliss is the state of mind of a person who feels profound satisfaction, joy, and fulfillment by enjoying what they desire. It can be related to the fulfillment of a dream, the achievement of a goal, love, inner peace, among other aspects.

“Bringing the soul back to the corporate world” is important to create a more humane, ethical and competitive business culture

Our purpose is to bring the soul back to the corporate world. We are referring to the idea of ​​reintroducing human and spiritual values ​​into a business environment that is often focused on business and financial goals. Priority has been given to thinking and doing, and the time has come to also prioritize feeling and being. Here are some of the reasons:

Employee well-being

Employee well-being

When companies focus solely on financial goals, they can neglect the well-being and happiness of their employees. By infusing human and spiritual values ​​into company culture, companies can create a more humane and compassionate work environment that improves the quality of life for employees.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Companies that focus solely on profit maximization often have less concern for their impact on society and the environment. By reintroducing human and spiritual values ​​into corporate culture, companies can develop greater social awareness and corporate responsibility.



Companies that focus on employee satisfaction and social responsibility can attract and retain the best talent. In addition, consumers are increasingly interested in doing business with ethical and responsible companies, which can improve the company’s image and competitiveness.

Self regulation helps us build resilience, structure, harmony and communication skills.

Psychedelic Breathwork

Psychedelic Breathing is a practice that involves paying attention to your breath and consciously controlling it. This activation, relaxation, and coherence technique has been shown to have several benefits for mental, emotional, and physical health, including reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, as well as increasing concentration and mental clarity.

In the workplace, Psychedelic Breathwork can have several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased concentration
  • Improved productivity:
  • Fostering a calmer work environment

The techniques and workshops offered by 2 to Bliss help improve mental and emotional health.

Leaders and employees increase productivity and efficiency at work, a calmer and more relaxed work environment is created, and it provides an easy and quick solution for everyone’s well-being. Some of the benefits are:

Improves the mental and emotional health of employees:
Practicing psychedelic breathwork techniques can reduce stress and anxiety, stabilize blood pressure, clear the mind, and increase concentration. All this can contribute to improve and maintain the mental, physical and emotional health of employees.
Increase productivity and efficiency at work:
By reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing mental clarity and concentration, Psychedelic Breathwork techniques can help people be more productive and efficient at work.
Create a calmer and more relaxed work environment:
Practicing Psychedelic Breathwork techniques can foster a calmer and more relaxed work environment, which can improve employee morale and create a healthier and more harmonious work environment.
It provides an easy and fast wellness solution:
Psychedelic Breathing techniques can be learned and practiced easily and quickly, without the need for complicated or expensive equipment or materials. Therefore, this practice can be an effective and accessible solution for entrepreneurs, leaders and employees who seek well-being in the workplace.


Psychedelic Breathing & Conscious Productivity
Psychedelic Breathing: Emotional and mental well-being in the workplace
Creativity and inspiration in the workplace
Psychedelic Breathing: Focus, concentration
Maximize the potential in your workplace
Quiet your inner critic
Happy team, successful business

We work with different economic sectors (Real Estate, banking, finance, communication, construction, technology, medical services, etc.) that can benefit from the practice of Psychedelic Breathwork to promote well-being and productivity in the workplace. However, companies that operate in sectors that are characterized by high levels of stress and demand can be particularly benefited by the practice of this type of breathing.

Technology, financial services and healthcare companies often have intense and demanding work environments with high levels of stress. The practice of Psychedelic Breathwork can be helpful in reducing stress and improving employee concentration, creativity, mental clarity, and decision-making.